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Dear friends,

As a upperclassman college student about to enter finals week, preparing for Graduate Admissions Tests, looking at possibilities for work in the real world, and of course the ever important question that plagues my mind, does that handsome gentleman like me as much as I like him, you might say I am under a little stress. There are also other minor details of things like reciting Romans 1 on Thursday and I only have 50 some odd days to finish sermons because I am going to be speaking at a summer camp. I cannot waste time.

As Christians positivity is incredibly important, I don’t think Christ died for us to be depressed or “in a funk”. Christ died so that we might have life abundantly (John 10:10). Yesterday I realized I needed a major attitude adjustment. I was going to sing in a choir concert and was still a little upset because I do not like singing in choir like I did when I was in High School. You see I have started to lose my hearing so half the time I am not totally sure what is going on in choir. It is terribly frustrating. As ridiculous as it sounds, choir is my most stressful class. I have been sort of upset because my minor in music requires me to be in four semesters of choir and since I have only three left. Now I know you are rolling your eyes at me, I am rolling my eyes at me. It seemed to have escaped my often air filled head that when something becomes difficult that it is time to kick in to overdrive and work ten times harder than before. It is like the piano piece I have recently learned, memorized, and conquered, it was more difficult than any previous piece I’ve worked on and thus it required more diligent work than any other piece. Up until about a year ago I got used to sort of just doing things I was naturally good at and not having to work particularly hard, but those days are over. It is funny how when you buckle down suddenly you are happier.

This brings me to this issue of a positive change in attitude. These are things that come to my mind that seem to make us all a little happier, please add to the list, these are not numbered in order of importance just in order of what I remember. So I make my vows…

1. Determine, before leaving the bedroom in the morning that I will seek to see the good in someone, no matter how scarce.
2. It’s ok to be sad sometimes, heck even to cry, I know this is about being happier, but there is something about crying when it happens that makes things easier to deal with later in life. For me it was the church I go to. It was where my grandparents funerals were held, my grandparents were two of the few people that clearly communicated love to me from an early age. It made me sad every time I went into the church because I did not properly mourn their deaths when they passed. So when something happens, I will be bold enough to be broken and cry.
3. I will trust and rest in the atoning sacrifice Christ made, I will not let my past decide that I am unusable for His kingdom and purpose.
4. Whether I like it or not from now on more coasting through, if I want to be better at anything from Piano to studies, I must work twice as hard. I may not be a prodigy, but it does not mean I cannot be better.
5. I must not compare myself to others, whether in talent, size, or heart. I will always be awkward. Don’t tell me, “It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.” I just made it awkward so there.
6. I will find something new to learn if in my piano playing I go three practice sessions without needing my books, it’s the only way to improve.
7. God, above all else: food, family, friends, the desire for that before mentioned boy.
8. I will every effort to maintain each relationship I have, even if it means apologizing when they are wrong. (Romans 12:18)

These are not new things, all have been said at one time or another to me, but I am stubborn so it takes me a bit longer. Please add the things you practice that allow you to live more happily.

Sincerely, Chloe


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Dear Friend,

Laughter solves many many problems.  The phrase “laughter is the best medicine” is so true.  My life sorta fell apart, again, a few weeks ago with everything happening at once.  For about 3 days I was down and out.  However, one morning during my long drive to college, I was contemplating the past week and looking at all that happened.  I could not help it, I started laughing at my own moronic inability to control anything at all in my life and how it takes me so long to realize sometimes that God is a good God, and I pretty much have no control over anything except my attitude, and even that is changing.  Anyways the past few days I have not been able to quit laughing or smiling.  Yes, my life is still more or less in pieces, but it is amusing at least.

-Sincerely, Chloe

Ps: The skeleton post is nearly done.

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