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Dear friends,

I recently went to a part of the country where people do not have liberties like they do in other parts. We met lovely women who were oppressed, but if they reached out to freedom the consequences would be terrifying. However, if any of them publicly accepted Christ, there would be no doubt it was sincere. People don’t die for things they aren’t sure about. After all you don’t hear of many agnostics being put to death. That is a joke i hope you find the humor. Anyways, experiencing this and what others face always throws me for a loop when i return to the Bible Belt. I see so many people here who are content to have it as a part of their lives. What does God have to say?

The question I pose is this:
Is our religious freedom a blessing because we can practice without fear, or a curse because we can get away with faking it?



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Dear friend,

I want you to know that I am beyond angry right now.  I am angry that the church I go to will not let me become a member unless I get baptized again in their church (I was not baptized in the right denomination). I am angry that in the same church the Spirit seems to be nonexistent, I love the people I fellowship with, but it is superficial no depth to the conversation no accountability and to that I also see the kids suffering. It broke my heart a few weeks ago when every last kid in the small group prayed for their family, but would not say why.  It kills me to see these kids playing it cool, when likely inside they torn apart.  I am angry that I see my classmates and friends cursing while simultaneously representing the name of Christ.  Sorry folks, but if you go to a Christian anything whether you claim the name of Christ or not you are representing Him.

I have to ask is anyone else heartbroken over the dismembered body of Christ and families who are falling apart.  It is killing me.

-Sincerely, Chloe

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Dear Reader,

Before I start ranting I have to say I miss living in a 24 hour town where I could come home and things would actually be open.  Bleh.

How would you describe Christians? That was the question asked at synergy tonight, a Christian college gathering.  Here are the crazy answers.  Hypocritical, do-gooders, holier-than-thou, Bible beater, etc… How wrong is that? We as Christians are called to more or less to a three part plan: (1) Act justly, (2)Love mercy, (3) walk humbly with our God.  And it is summed up in the idea of love God and love others. With that in mind, can we call the American form of Christianity, Christian? If you are a believer, are you  different from everyone else, do people see you you and say, “I want what he (or she) has!” Or are you a closet Christian?

Perhaps you are not a believer and perhaps you are also of the opinion that Christians are hypocritical, do-gooders that are holier than thou, Bible beaters, usually followed by a string of profanities.  To be honest, I would have to agree with you, most of what I have seen is that exactly, even in my own life.  However, I would encourage you not to base your assumptions on the crappy Christian representatives that permeate our society.  If you seek after this God and follow Him with everything that you are I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. Many “Christians” (I am not really sure I can call them that) are not following Christ, have not had their lives radically changed.  I have and now I simply cannot get enough of Jesus.

-Sincerely, Chloe

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