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Dear Friends,
This post will be controversial I can promise you that. If you want something light or easy to digest please find a different blog or website. Then again no one has been on here for awhile so no worries.
Tonight I was scrolling through some headlines on USA Today and I came across something rather disturbing. It is that many more infants are being born dependent on prescription drugs. You can find the original article here.
I see this and my heart breaks. I was reading elsewhere about the numbers of people killed in car crashes and how it was more than a few wars. The number absent was the number of infants killed at the hands of abortionists. This world is filled with evil and filled with selfishness as a result of our sinful nature. I see these statistics and it makes me sad but it also sobers me to realize the influence satan has had from the beginning. Satan is not all powerful nor can he take away your free will, we give that up pretty easily. However, he has an agenda that agenda is to destroy life. The first part of John 10:10 says that the thief, or satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. How does he steal? Through homosexual relationships. Please understand I in no way hate them or have a right to judge them, I am merely stating the facts. Life comes through a man and a woman, God designed it that way. A homosexual couple cannot naturally produce life. How does he kill?Through abortion, or the willful termination of an unborn child (we can squabble over what to call the unborn later). Please also understand if any of you reading this have had or considered such a thing, I cannot condemn you, I have never been in that place. I can however speak the truth I know from scripture. How does he destroy? Through sin in general, particularly addiction. As someone who has struggled with addiction, who has family and friends who have struggled with this, and who fights with the power of God behind her, I know addiction is a dark place. He destroys the individuals quality of life, the quality of the lives around them, and those of their children. In the case of prescription drugs and the children born dependent on drugs this shows most clearly. I struggled with something most people would hardly even consider an issue or a sin, but it was against God, myself, and my future husband, who one day I am going to have to tell. My sister struggled through drug addiction, and others in my family have struggled with alcoholism.
The point is we as Christians know the enemy, we know how to fight him, but most of us are too scared to say anything as it may be offensive. It is time to step up and actively start praying against the attacks and influences of satan. It is time to, instead of condemning those who sin, and conveniently forgetting our own, look for ways to love and help them. It is time that we stop being passive, we must rise up in the powerful name of Jesus and fight for the innocent, the broken, and imprisoned. It is time we start living in the victory Christ has already won for us. What are we waiting for?
Sincerely, Chloe


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Dear Friend,

We sang that old hymn in church today. I recently moved out to my grandparents old house. A house I had not until I moved here spent any significant amount of time in for roughly eight years. Both my grandparents have passed on, my grandma four years ago and my grandpa six months ago. Anyways I came across a notebook in which my grandma had written. One side was words to live by that contained various Bible verses and quotes. The other side, was Out of the Mouth of the Grandchild, where she had written many different things my siblings and I have said as we were growing up. So here are the two quotes that stuck out from the rest. First one that was said by my brother, “Some people are stupid, others are stupider,” and one by yours truly, “You turned around and you were old??? Why don’t you just turn back around?” So there you have it.

It has been interesting adjusting to living here, but it is well with my soul because I know they are both with God. Not because they were good people (possibly the oneriest couple of old folks to walk the planet, they were well aware of such too) but because they trusted and hoped in the blessed assurance that is the salvation offered to us by the blood of Jesus Christ.

-Sincerely, Chloe Thaxt

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