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God’s grace

Dear Friends,
I am yet again surprised by God’s grace and love. Let me explain.
For a long time I have wondered why I am so terrified of so many things, and the light was shed and it wasn’t pretty. It was plain and simple, pride, selfishness, and any number of other things. It was and is quite horrible, the whole reason I do something or don’t do something is because I am looking out for number one… Nearly everything I had ever done in regards to my Christian life, selfishness. I felt incredibly guilty, and rightly so, I am guilty of that and so much more. The next day during what is usually my daily time with God, I didn’t know what to do or to say because I did not want to do something for myself, so I sat there for awhile not really thinking just feeling incredibly awkward. Eventually the silence was broken by that still small voice calling to me. I was guilty and I wanted to hide, but His light was too brilliant, so I listened. To my complete shock He did not condemn, though He had every right to, He did not condone either because He is righteous and my attitude and thoughts were definitely not. Instead He invited, He invited me once again to live a different kind of life. I felt very much like the adulterous woman that Jesus forgave, when He invited her to live a different life (John 8.1-11) I share this with you today because maybe some of you are trapped in something, maybe it is selfishness and pride, maybe pornography, maybe drugs, anything, maybe you are afraid to go before God because you know you are guilty, don’t be afraid to go to Him and be honest before Him. See the life He is inviting you to live today.
Sincerely, Chloe


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