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Dear friends,

I am a whopping 20 years old and perhaps have a bit too much teenage rebellion inside of me. God has called me to a specific church, and no matter how much I try to rationalize other ministries, regardless of how good, the truth remains I need to be at this particular church. There is only one issue and the reason I am fighting God on it. I hate the church. I love the people individually don’t get me wrong but as a whole the spiritual atmosphere, I hate it. The church in my opinion (which may be prideful and not correct) is either dead or close to it. The people are very loving, but they will not compromise or change in order to reach our community. I have a love hate relationship with my church. I love the individuals, but going to church i a draining affair, at least with the hearing people, Wednesday nights with the Deaf are exhilarating and encouraging. Pray for me friends, pray for endurance and a proper attitude.

Sincerely, Chloe


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