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Dear friends,

I have hearing problems not hard of hearing or deaf just having issues. On my long drive home I tend to imagine different scenarios and how they would play out in my head. Maybe you do this then you get to the place and the people TOTALLY don’t follow the script you outlined in your head. Well today I was imagining how things would happen if I were to lose my hearing completely and rely on sign language or writing to communicate with people. Te good news? I already know how to sign for the most part. The bad almost no one in my friends or family knows how to sign, and those who can have a limited vocabulary. I was thinking about it, and it would totally suck that relationships with certain people were cut off. However, it would be a good test to see who is genuine. Then I begin thinking about some of the Deaf people I know, and my church’s “Deaf Ministry”* and my heart began to break. We (at least those of you who share in a relationship with Christ) have the greatest news on earth and this amazing, beautiful community does not know it because we want them to look like us, or talk, or read our lips. We place labels like “hearing impaired” or “handicapped” passing judgement without getting to know the brilliant people. What are the results? Over 95% have never been exposed to the gospel…why? Because we want them to do all the work while we sit in our comfy bubble waiting for them to come. Last I checked the great commission was to “Go into all the world…” (Matthew 28) not to “Wait for the world to learn how to look, act, and talk like we do before telling them the glorious news.” It is glorious news isn’t it? We who are have done many things wrong can find forgiveness and love from an almighty, holy God. Maybe you are saying, “Well, that is all fine and dandy, but I don’t know any Deaf people.” Learn a little sign and see what happens, you may be surprised that you meet a few.

Sincerely, Chloe

*The reason I have Deaf Ministry in quotations is because it is lacking. We have a few interpreters who had a little sign instruction many years ago and thus interpret Sunday mornings. I used to help with that, but lately I am not because I miss things when I am not looking at the pastor so I have stopped letting the others go ahead.


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